Frequently asked questions are provided in this section to answer your queries/doubts about the Mart2Web software. We have tried our best to answer all FAQs, but even after referring this section your doubts are not cleared, please feel free to contact us.

What is Shopping Cart software and what does Mart2Web do?
Shopping Cart Software is analogous to term ‘Shopping Cart’. It is a software programming which allows you to build a website to sell your products online and build its database. Mat2Web is a Shopping Cart Software, which will facilitate you to start your online store on secure hosting platform.
Can I incorporate this software to my existing Website?
Yes, with few required modifications depending on your current website.
Can I upgrade my package at later stage as per my requirement?
Yes, definitely. We have designed our packages in the way to help start your store at the minimum possible cost and upgrade it as per your requirements.
What do I do if I have more queries?
You can contact us on +9120-41062333, +918605030333 or else write us on: sales@mart2web.com. Our team of technical and sales expert will be more than happy to answer your query.
Can we have product demo at our office location?
We prefer a product demo at Main/Branch office location or else at our Reseller partner. However we would recommend you to prefer an online demo for the simple reason that, you will start practicing e commerce which will help you to understand the application.
What stuff can I sell by using Mart2Web?
You can sell anything and everything by using our E commerce software. Right from Lifestyle items to Digital products.
My stuff doesn't fall in any of the Vertical listed by you, still will I be able to sell my stuff?
Yes, of course! For convenience we have sorted out four verticals. We have a separate vertical named "Others", under which there are all features required to open your attractive online store.
Is there anything I can't sell on Mart2Web?
You can sell any stuff other than products and services listed in "Restricted Item List" or any item selling of which is prohibited as per specific law. If, in the case, Mart2Web finds any such item listed we will be forced to shut down your front store with prior notice.
Can I upload bulk of my products?
Yes, you can bulk upload the products as per your store requirements.
What format should the product import file have?
The product upload file can be .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .pjpeg, , .txt and .pdf files. Wherein product image to be uploaded can be .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg and .pjpeg files.
Can I manage product Review?
Yes, of course! We facilitate admin to manage product review in the best interest of his/her store. All review will be published only when admin will confirm it.
Most of my customers order products, which they want gift-wrapped and delivered as a gift. Does Mart2Web provide that option?
Yes, we do provide gift wrapping facility along with message to be given and can be delivered as a gift at the mentioned address.
Does Mart2Web support multiple payment gateways?
Yes, we support multiple payment gateway options. The system is pre-integrated with one of the best payment gateways available in market like EBS, PayPal etc.
What is Payment gateway?
Payment gateway is an electronic payment service which authorizes payment in online business. It is usually a third-party service that is a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure Internet connections. Mart2Web software can be integrated with payment gateway for online transaction.
Can Payment gateway be integrated at later stage when need arrived?
Yes, you can always integrate payment gateway at a later stage as per your requirement.
What methods of payment can my customers use?
Your customer can opt out of multiple ways of making payment-By PayPal/Credit-Debit card/Cash on delivery/Cheque-draft/Net-Banking.
How secure is your platform to accept online payment?
We use industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is universally recognized for data encryption while processing credit cards. This enables safe processing of credit cards. Our stringent secure server ensure that your customer enter all their personal information and credit card details without any apprehension as the same is encrypted prior it is channelled through the Internet to the bank payment gateway.
Does Mart2Web support Multi currency?
Yes, we do support Multi currency, which in turn facilitates trading at global level.
Can I sell globally so that people from all over the world can buy my Product?
Yes, you can sell globally! That's the reason we have provide multi currency facility so you can trade all around the world.
Is Mart2Web SEO compatible?
Yes; Mart2Web is SEO friendly as we understand that to stay ahead in race, we need search engine optimized content.
How will I be notified about new features of Mart2Web?
We well be more than happy to apprise you about our new features and upgrades. Please do subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get latest update.
What about SMS & E mail marketing tool of Mart2Web?
We provide SMS & E Mail subscription feature. This can be used to send SMS & E mail updates to your registered customers for marketing purpose.
I want my customers to automatically receive an email when they place an order, as well as when their order is dispatched from my store. Is that possible with Mart2Web?
Mart2Web comes integrated with all the requisite settings required for Shipping & auto-responder mails. We ensure that your customer is always informed about every activity of his order - registration, placing the order, dispatch of order, delivery of order, etc. without having to spend any extra time on it.
What about social media integration? Does Mart2Web support that?
All our stores are social media optimized. Facebook/LinkedIn/Blog & twitter etc., you can definitely link it to enhance product promotion.
Can I become Mart2Web Reseller partner?
Definitely, Yes. An individual person above age of 18 or any registered organization (A partnership firm, a Private Limited or Limited Company) having a small office space of 250-300 Sq. ft area and ready to appoint 1-2 Sales Executives can be a Mart2Web Reseller partner.
Do you charge any fee to be a reseller partner?
No, you don't have to provide any fee to be our partner.